About Us

🌱How it started

The seed of an idea for Tax Genie © was created back in 2017, when the owner of Dead Simple Accounting considered a web tool which could answer all your tax questions in real time.

🧞 How it works

We’ve harnessed the powerful tools available with Chatbase & trained Tax Genie to search & report back helpful information & answers based on a myriad of HMRC webpages. It doesn’t search any other website, so it returns answers straight from the horse’s mouth.

♾️ Free | Forever

It’s entirely free to use Tax Genie, & the bot quite rightly does not ask for any personal information.

ℹ️Intended use

Everyone can use Tax Genie to find out all sorts of supplementary information on taxes, national insurance, vat & so on.

As Tax Genie’s first sentence states clearly, it is not intended to give nor replace professional advice. Accordingly we would recommend taking appropriate accountancy / financial advice before taking action. Alternatively you can contact HMRC directly, and the Tax Genie bot provides all possible helpful links to do so.

💖Special thanks

Special thanks must go out to: Search Valley who are our SEO Experts, and Izzy who works here at Dead Simple Accounting & is an invaluable addition to the team.